Often, when I make suggestions to potential clients about increasing their home’s “it” factor, we spend most of our time (and they spend most of their energy and money) talking about the kitchen and the living room.   While it’s true that these spaces are important when you’re trying to put your home’s best foot forward, they’re not the only rooms that can benefit from organizational makeovers.  The bedrooms, particularly, your master bedroom should convey a sense of serenity. Potential buyers want to see a room that could be their oasis from this crazy world of ours.  Nothing shatters that tranquility like clutter and disorganization.

Obviously, closets are important outposts in our bedrooms and they need to be organized and often, streamlined. It’s easy to let out of date clothing get shoved to the back of the rod, shoes crowd the floor because they don’t have a really good home and detritus from our life (wrappingpaper, old files, exercise mats – you name it!) often get shoved into the closet just to get them out of the way! You can find wonderful shelving systems at big box home stores or you can invest in professional closet organizing with my friend Lisa at Puka Organizing.  If you’ve been reading my previous “organizing” posts, you know I think she is a master at what she does.  A call to her is more than worth your time and money!

After you clean and organize your closet, you’ll probably find some out of season clothing that is just taking up space.  Utilize under the bed space and store sweaters in cedar boxes and extra blankets in plastic boxes.  Canvas boxes are a pretty alternative and store flat when not in use.  Make sure all clothing and blankets are cleaned before they’re stored as stains have a way of multiplying during storage.
Besides the closet, the master bedroom has a few other key areas that deserve your attention. Your bedside table should only display items that make sense.  Artfully organize an alarm clock, a small stack of books and a pretty water carafe on top, but stash body lotions,reading glasses, lip balms and the like in the nightstand drawer.  De-clutter the dresser by creating more roomin the drawers with drawer dividers. They’re especially helpful when organizing small items like socks, bras and underwear.  Make sure you purchase plastic dividers.  Wooden dividers can snag clothing.  Give other flat surfaces a once over and stow or manage clutter that has a way of migrating to our bedrooms.

Speaking of that migrating “stuff.”  Make some nice piles and then spend a few minutes returning items to their proper placein the house.  Chances are you’ll visit the kitchen, living room, study and laundry room with those piles before you’re done, but your bedroom will thank you! You’ll also be able to find items with greater ease when they’re stored in their proper places.


Obviously, if you’re showing your house, you need to make the bed each and every day.  If you’re just organizing for your own sake (and you’ll be so glad you did!), you should still make your bed in the morning.  I know, I know… you’re just getting back into it at the end of the day.  A made bed looks more inviting and makes the entire room look uncluttered.  The bed should be the focal point of your room. Doesn’t it deserve a little TLC each day?