Do you have a home-based business?  Do you realize that having a home-based business presents a wide variety of exposure to loss that must be considered?   Do you know if your Insurance covers any of this?

Many Homeowners’ policies do not have coverage for loss as a result of operating a business.  You even have business-related liability if you have customers that come to your home for your business.  Many insurance companies have realized there are many people that operate a home-based business and are in need of this additional coverage.   If you operate your business out of your residence, contact your insurance company and see if you have coverage or if you are able to add a rider to your policy to cover equipment (computers, copiers, etc) as well as any liability you may have with having employees in your home or clients. 

Typically this is a very low cost option to add this rider and it can cover computer equipment (including your iPhone and/or iPad) for much less than it would cost to replace the item.   They often have coverage that takes care of anything happening to these types of devices including dropping them, running them over, submersion in water, etc.   The deductible would be less than replacing the piece all together.

This is something you definitely should check out if you run your business from home!

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** Insurance policies may vary; consult your insurance agent for detailed information and requirements.