Who doesn’t love good news and unexpected kindness?  I recently received information from the Williamson County Sherriff and Trustee’s Office that certainly qualifies as good news from unlikely sources.  Most of us grudgingly accept the Trustee’s Office’s primary role as tax assessors, but did you know they provide some really great, free services to our senior citizens, too?
The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office offers “The Senior Citizen’s Assurance Program?”   If you (or your loved ones) are over 65 and live alone, this service can be a life saver — literally.  After an approved application, a volunteer or employee will call you each day to check in. If you don’t answer, they’ll call a neighbor or relative of your choosing.  If they can’t confirm your well-being, the Sheriff’s Office will send a deputy to check on you.  Many of my clients are helping elderly parents continue to live independently, but it’s difficult to manage our own busy lives and worry about our parents each and every day.  This free service will help alleviate some of that stress.  To receive an application,call Hugh Tharpe or Melissa Colvin at the Williamson County Sheriff’s office at 790-5554.
The Trustee’s Office offers property tax relief and property tax freezes for qualified seniors.  To qualify for senior citizen’s property tax relief, you must be over 65, own and use the property on which you live as your primary residence and have a combined yearly income (of spouse and all property owners) of less than $26,830.   Disabled homeowners can also qualify for similar relief, even if they are under 65 and can provide proof of total and permanent disability by the Social Security Administration, own and use the property as your primary residence and have a yearly income of less than $26,830. 
Senior Citizens can apply for a property tax freeze if they are over 65, provide proof of residency and have an annual income (for all property owners) of less than $48,240. Applications for property tax freezes must be renewed annually.   Over the years, this freeze can add up to huge savings as the tax amount is frozen at the qualifying year’s rate.
You’ll need to set up an appointment to apply for a tax freeze or tax relief and can do so by calling the Williamson County Trustee’s Office at 790-5709.  The fine folks at the Trustee’s Office are more than happy to answer questions and help you navigate the paper trail necessary for an approved application.