When you begin the process of selling your home and moving, there are so many details to consider including helping your pets adjust to the process. Based on the LCT Team – Parks years of experience and love for animals, here’re the top tips to help.

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Helping Pets Adjust – Have A Plan

Once you’ve listed your home, your pets will sense change is in the air and different pets will have different reactions says the LCT Team’s Vickie Freas.

Realtor Vickie Freas' son, LCT Team - Parks

LCT Team Realtor Vickie Freas has moved lots of pets over the years, including donkeys, pictured her with her son, Samuel.

“We’ve moved a lot of animals over the years. Once you’ve listed your home, you’ll have new people entering your house. It is important to have a plan for your pets,” Vickie advised. “When a listing appointment occurs, have a consistent game plan whether it’s take a walk with your dog or head out for a ride with your cat. You don’t want them to freak out from strangers in the home or to accidentally be set free.”

Betsy Bug, Lisa Culp Taylor, LCT Team - Parks

When listing appointments occur, it is great to have a travel bag ready with a leash, favorite toy or treat. Pictured, Betsy Bug, Lisa Culp Taylor’s pup!

She also suggests a travel bag so each time you head out the door for a showing, you’re organized with a favorite toy, leash and treat.

Move Plan

Once you’ve successfully sold your home, as you pack up, try to keep your pets in one space and pack that area last. “Being surrounded by familiar furniture and items, helps your pets feel more secure and less agitated,” says the LCT Team’s Lisa Culp Taylor.

On the moving day, you might also consider getting a friend or relative to let your pet stay at their home. “This is a much safer option,” Lisa suggested. “Try to keep your pets away from the boxes, debris and chaos. This will lower their anxiety.”

Oompa, Lisa Culp Taylor, LCT Team - Parks

Keeping your pets away from boxes, debris and the confusion of moving will help reduce their anxiety level says Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor, pictured here, her dog Oompa.

If you are having to travel a great distance or fly, it is a good idea to make sure your pet is comfortable with a crate. Take it in small doses and be sure to have plenty of toys and treats on hand. This will help your pet work up to the longer time needed to travel safely.


Adjusting To A New Home

Once you make the move to a new home, consider slowly introducing your pets to the new space. LCT Team Realtor Megan Jones suggests a room at a time. “It can be very overwhelming and stressful to move to a new home for your pets. Try introducing them to a room at a time. Slowly taking in a new space is a much less overwhelming to your small, furry friends.”


It is also important to help reduce anxiety by leaving your pet alone for small periods of time gradually increasing this. “Your pets can be anxious being left in a new environment. Definitely increase physical activity and wear them out,” Megan said.

LCT Team Realtor Michelle Chrest

Even though your pet can’t tell you, moving is very stressful says LCT Team Realtor Michelle Chrest with her dog Addy. It is a good time to up their activity level to reduce anxiety!

Research Your Area For Vets

Once you’ve unpacked their bed and favorite toys to help your pet adjust, don’t delay in finding a new vet. A resourceful Realtor® can help you out. Also, research your environment to see if ticks, other pests or coyotes are a potential issue.

Terra, Tiffany Vandermark, LCT Team - Parks

When moving to a new area, research the environment for potential pests and predators which could hurt your pet. (Pictured here, Terra, LCT Team’s Tiffany Vandermark’s cat.)

Thinking Of Selling Or Buying A New Home?

If you are thinking of making a move this year, connect with the LCT Team – Parks team of experts today at 615-775-3830. Check here to learn more about the LCT Team – Parks difference.

The team recently earned the Williamson County Association of Realtors (WCAR) top Titanium Award for 2019 sales. Team member Amy Pappas earned WCAR’s Rookie of the Year based on her professionalism, work ethic, volunteerism, merit as a realtor and dollar volume. The rookie of the year award is given to the most outstanding new realtor that has been in the business 2 years or less. Find out the latest listings by connecting with the team on Facebook and Instagram!


LCT Team Realtor Amy Pappas earned WCAR’s Rookie Of The Year for her professionalism, work ethic, volunteerism, merit as a realtor and dollar volume. The rookie of the year award is given to the most outstanding new realtor that has been in the business 2 years or less.


LCT Team - Parks

The LCT Team – Parks earned WCAR’s top Titanium award for 2019 sales. Left to right front, Vickie Freas, Margaret Orton Flowers, second row, Michelle Chrest, Marabeth Poole, Amy Pappas, Lisa Culp Taylor, Megan Jones, Camille Harrison.