Adjective: Arranged in a systematic way, esp. on a large scale.
Having one's affairs in order so as to deal with them efficiently.
Synonyms: organic – orderly
A friend swears she became a teacher just so she couldcontinue back to school shopping even after her own Crayola days ended.  She loves the process of purging old papers,tossing broken pencils and starting over with crisp folders, fresh paper and new notebooks.  She says it makes her entire life feel “lighter” when she’s newly organized.  I must have caught a bit of the “back toschool” bug, because I’ve been organizing, too and it feels amazing.   I almost feel like I’ve moved to a new house now that I can pull my car into my perfectly organized garage.  It’s all I can do not to drag visitors upstairs to show off my attic.  It’s an organizational masterpiece.
If you’ve worked with me in a professional capacity, youknow that I, like many, have many of the skills necessary to organize my home and my life.  But, I’m lacking one important ingredient: time.  Not only am I too busy to actively organize huge areas, at times I’m too busy to maintain the organizational systems I already have in place.  Still, I need my home, my office and my life to run smoothly.  I crave the serenity (seriously, it’s not too strong a word) that ordered bins, labels, and organizing systems bring to my life. 
So… I called in the professionals and it’s been worth every penny!  I heartily recommend Lisa York of Puka Organizing.  Lisa is a Certified Professional Organizer.  She strives to “deliver peace from chaos, order from disorder by creating organized, livablespaces.” Check out Puka’s website at: www.pukaorganizing.com  or call Lisa at 615-506-312 to find out how Puka offers “organizing solutions for all levels of disorganization and wholehome organizing and storage solutions for every space.”
Lisa and her crew of assistants can and will transform your home into a well-oiled machine in just a few days.  If you’re listing your home for sale, Lisa’s “de-cluttering” will add instant value to your home.  Potential buyers equate a well-organized homewith a well-cared for home.  Organizing your home before you list it also helps you maintain clean, uncluttered rooms so you’re not panicked when I call with a last minute showing. 
Stay tuned for a new series of blog posts about organizing your home and your life. You’ll never regret giving Lisa a call and investing in organization, peace of mind and a fresh start!