This is one of the coolest things!  What a wonderful way for the community to look after their elderly citizens!
In Williamson County, if you are a Senior Citizen who lives alone, they have volunteers that will call you everyday to make sure you are okay.  If they don't hear from you then they will call your nearest neighbor or relative and if they still cannot contact you, they will send a deputy to check on you!  All you need to do is fill out an application and send it in!  Simple as that!
This is great for people who live in another state but their elderly parents live in Williamson County.   What a reassurance to know someone is checking up daily to see that your loved one is okay! 
To receive an application you just need to call Hugh Tharpe or Melissa Colvin at the Sheriff's Office at 615-790-5554.
This is a program that is another way of serving the community by the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.
I'm sure many other communities do this as well.  So, contact your County Sheriff's Office and see if they have this program as well if you live elsewhere.