Licensed REALTOR® since 2021
License #360707


Casey enjoys having the opportunity to help families find homes, begin new journeys and follow dreams. His greatest joy is using the full extent of his resources to provide not just a transaction, but an experience where he can use his knowledge and expertise to make connections that matter for his clients.

Casey moved to Middle Tennessee to chase the music dream. When the time came to start a family, he transitioned to working in healthcare. Even though it was a different industry, his purpose remained the same: build relationships, help people. Casey decided to join Parks in 2021 as he realized that real estate was the industry that would allow him to do just that and more. As an agent, Casey has the opportunity to leverage his relationships to create connections that change lives.

When not selling real estate, you can find him playing an instrument, reading, learning, washing dishes for his wife’s bakery, or spending time with family.


Loved working with Casey! He responded to my client’s requests immediately, was always available for a conversation and really worked hard to bring the deal together.
My family and I were needing assistance to make our big move from New York to Nashville and Casey made this a flawless transition for us. He was on time, organized and very down to earth and very welcoming in a place we had never been before. He even stopped at our hotel to drop off some toys for my kids and gift cards for my wife and I before we arrived.

Southern hospitality is a very real thing and Casey showed us that right off the bat. In just one day, he helped us find a place that met all of our needs and couldn’t ask for a better agent. I would recommend him to anyone as he has lived here for a long time and very knowledgeable of all the areas. 5 stars across the board!

Scott D., Buyer